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Not just an artificial turf supplier

As Ekipgrass, we do not want to be just an artificial turf supplier. We want our products to be a strengthening value for our relationship with our customers. Without compromising on quality, with our innovative products and specialist designs, it is our first goal to take our place in the top segment of our market. This includes our projects not only for international sports organizations but also for younger athletes who want to be professional athletes.

Single Company Solutions

In our project, we want you to feel 100% support of Ekipgrass. Through our partnerships with specialized contractors in our field, we are able to provide reliable design development and solutions, as well as ensure that our own plans and designs work right. If you have a contractor company that you work with, we train them to work with them and to make sure they meet the planned standards or that the problems are overcome.

Key Delivery Solutions

When you make an agreement with Ekipgrass for your artificial turf needs, you are partnering with a company that is committed to providing a turn-key solution for you and your company. Your new space will be built to a rigorous and standards-compliant quality and you will get a high-quality, durable sport surface ready for everything with quality assurance.

  • Innovator
  • Experienced
  • Speed
  • Single company solution
  • Key delivery
  • Flexibility

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Product Range


Projects implemented by Ekipgrass

  • footballfield

    Foottball Field

  • walkroadankara

    Walk Road

  • footballpitch

    Football Pitch

  • volayballfield

    Voleyball Field

  • tenniscourts

    Tennis Courts