Artificial Grass For Playgrounds: Is Turf Better Than Real Grass?

Artificial Grass For Playgrounds: Is Turf Better Than Real Grass?

Games are the basis of kid`s development in many aspects: social, mental and physical. Every child likes to play on the playground, “fly up to the sky” on a swing, slide down a slide and run without stopping or thinking. Before start building a playground, you need to think through all the details. The basics on which you need to rely on the initial design of playgrounds are:


•             child safety;

•             choosing the right coverage;

•             competent zoning;

•             beauty and attractiveness of the playground


Particular attention should be paid to the choice of coverage for the playground. Most often there is a dilemma: "What is better, modern artificial turf or natural materials?"

Natural coatings are not practical because of numerous drawback arising during operation.


• Sand. In rainy weather, the playground with sand turns into a “swamp”, and in windy conditions, it is almost impossible to spend time on such a playground with children. Sand spreads around the playground get into the eyes and clogs in shoes.

• Natural grass is also impractical to use. It wears out quickly, loses an attractive appearance and demands special care (watering, cutting, eliminating bald spots and weeds).

• Bulk materials (crushed stone, crushed bark) can be dangerous to children s life (there is a possibility of swallowing) and require expensive regular maintenance (update backfilling level in order to avoid loss of its physical characteristics).

• In playgrounds, it is extremely inappropriate to use coating such as concrete, paving slabs or asphalt.


Artificial grass, due to the absence of disadvantages mentioned above, took the first place of honor among all possible coatings. Therefore, many buyers make their choice in favor of artificial turf.

Artificial Turf Ekipgrass is a high-quality certified coverage for playgrounds that meets all European requirements and standards.  Artificial turf is somewhat more expensive than other materials but has several significant advantages.

 landscape artificial turf



•             does not lose its shape and properties in the temperature range -30 / + 50;

•             does not fade, UV resistance;

•             has drainage holes and does not accumulate puddles on the surface;

•             does not slip after rain;

•             resistant to loads (yarns do not lose their shape during prolonged use);

•             the warranty period for decorative artificial grass from the manufacturer is 5-7 years;

•             the service life of 15-20 years.



•             no need to cut, fertilize, sow several times a season;

•             perfectly serves without complex irrigation systems and endless haircuts.


Beauty and comfort:

•             has a fresh and beautiful appearance 365 days a year;

•             pleasant to the touch;

•             comfortable for walking barefoot;

•             produced in several heights and color variations.



•             fits on any base;

•             does not leave dirty stains and marks on clothes and skin.


Clean and safe:

•             non-toxic;

•             easy to clean. Just rinse with water;

•             likelihood of burns and injury is minimized.


Coverage of children's play areas should create a safe playing environment for the child and exclude possible injuries. Ekip Grass takes care of the children and their safety during active games. Therefore, the lawns recommended by us for children's and sports grounds could soften blows when falling from a height and do not injure children's skin when in contact with artificial turf. Ekip Grass establishes a method for testing a material according to its ability to soften a blow when a child falls from a height.

Our landscape solutions perfectly suit any playground, make games safer and children happier. 

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