Colored Artificial Turf. Customize your installation.

Colored Artificial Turf. Customize your installation.

Colored artificial grass has many bright, cheerful colors, shades and mixes of different colors. The colored artificial grass is soft, practical, it can be used indoors and outdoors, it can decorate the terrace, balcony, salon, shop, playground, hotel, business parks, play areas, winter gardens, trade fairs. 

Colored artificial grass will perfectly fit into any design and will make harmony with any other surface. Turn on your imagination and make a new exciting world with colored artificial grass. We all want to enjoy life as much as possible, but everyone takes it in their own way: for some, true relaxation means the attractive appearance of their territory, where they can walk or lie down to enjoy their garden or roof terrace with no worries. For others, this means creating a safe place for their children to play and play with animals and toys.

Colored artificial grass will make your life brighter, more fun and inspire new interesting solutions! Do not be afraid to be different - from this, your life will sparkle with new colors! We all want to stand out and be noticed, let's do it and bring some color into our lives to make it more colorful.

Colored artificial grass consists of one or two layers of impact resistant thermally bonded small polyethylene, covered with geotextile or durable latex. This type of artificial turf has the highest fiber quality, its pile height is 20mm -35mm: a wide palette of colors.

  • White artificial grass has a snowy - white color, it looks beautiful in a calm design.
  • Red artificial grass has a bright red tint; outstanding, modern coverage.
  • Blue artificial grass has a bright blue tint; stylish, bright, beautiful coating.
  • Black artificial grass is much in demand from private clients, it looks beautiful in applications.
  • Brown artificial grass has an original color.
  • Gray artificial grass has a special two-tone shade; stylish, elegant coating.
  • Yellow artificial grass has the appearance of a sunny, bright, charming coating.


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The most suitable coating for a football pitch is artificial turf, that has high-performance properties. This is an excellent material, which has an ideal price and quality ratio.

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The forefathers of artificial grass production are European manufacturers who introduced to the world synthetic grass, which was criticized by many athletes and fans.

Colored Artificial Turf. Customize your installation.

Colored artificial grass has many bright, cheerful colors, shades and mixes of different colors.

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