Electro Cutter EC1


Product Code : EC1

Electric cutting device for lines and to trim artificial turf The electrical cutter EC1 cuts lines and radii in all popular artificial turf systems. Both cutting units are equipped with counter knives and an integrated sharpening system. Counter knife principle allows for extremely precise and fast cut, and the integrated sharpening system - for an extremely long service life of the cutting blades. When using both cutting units 5 - 20 cm lines can be produced with the speed of up to 1 m/sec. The height-adjustable floor opening prevents the cutting of the artificial turf fibre. The optional kit CircleGuide for cutting intersecting radii may be installed, a fixable rotation plate prevents slipping. For trimming the artificial turf track, a cutting unit is swivelled upward. For cutting areas around the edges, EC1 is equipped with push button unit that guarantees a precise cut in relation to curbs and drains.

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