Rake Ekip S – 2200



Effectively decompresses the compacted rubber crumb.
Improves drainage properties of the field.
Distributes the rubber crumb on the field plane.
Straightens the pile of the lawn.
Extends the life of the coating.
Leads the playing characteristics of the field to the standard.


Dimensions: 2200 x 1460 x 860.
Steel: 5 mm.
Number of decompression fingers: 240 PCs.
Decompression finger: d=3.5 mm, spring steel.
Weight: 180 kg.
Coupling type: 3 point.
Min. drive power: from 14 HP
Warranty: 3 years.
Packing: pallet, plastic film.
Volume: 3 m3


Professional decompression rake for artificial and natural lawn. During the operation of football fields, the backfill material (rubber crumb) is compacted, thereby deteriorating the physical characteristics of the field (ball bounce, ball rolling) and drainage ability of the coating. Technique EKIP – 2200 due to the large number of spring fingers arranged in a staggered manner, as well as the weight and size of the equipment, effectively copes with the task of decompression of the compacted rubber crumb in one pass. Razoblachayuschie rake EKIP S – 2200 is made of metal 5 mm thick, have spring fingers 240, the adjustment of the penetration depth from 0 – 40 mm. the Whole structure is painted with powder coat, providing Shine and protection against corrosion to the whole equipment life. EKIP – 2200 is equipped with 3 x point trailer device (Class 1)

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