Professional spreader EKIP E-1200



1. first of all, the price (the bunker is paid for one object);
2. the sides are aluminum, contribute to the simplification of the design;
3. lawn wheels (Italy);
4. hubs ADR (Poland) - modified for compatibility with this model;
5. the volume of the hopper 1.2 cubic meters (1 big bag of sand or 0.5 big bag crumbs) - saves space and money when transporting equipment between objects;
6. load capacity 1 ton;
7. the wheels are independent of each other - will not slip on the lawn when cornering and collect the waves in the coating and the track Cut crumbs;
convenient flap adjustment;
8. a screw mechanism forced the shaft to spill;
9. "cover mesh" - OPTION prevents clumping in the hopper;
10. warranty technique TOSS Service 2 years


The EKIP E1200 Spreader is intended for the filling of an artificial lawn with quartz sand and rubber crumb (SBR/EPDM). The sandmaker belongs to the class of low-cost (inexpensive) machines, but it is professional equipment.

Dimensions: 1985 x 1500 x 1300 mm
Weight: 260 kg
Load capacity: 1 ton
Hopper capacity: 1.2 cubic meters
Manual flap adjustment: Yes
Drive: mechanical (wheel drive)
Material: steel, aluminum
Packing: pallet, plastic film
Warranty: 2 years
The volume of the whole machine: 4 cubic meters.


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