Professional spreader EKIP G – 1000



Professional spreader EKIP G – 1000, is a high-level machine that can compete with any analogues of the world scale, while its cost is lower by 30-50%. The spreader is designed for application of quartz sand and rubber granulate on football and Golf courses.a technique TOSS Service 2 years

Uniform filling, without bumps and voids;
Mobility (small size and weight);
4 wheels do not leave a rut on the base;
Uniform feed of backfill material by conveyor belt;
High quality components and Assembly;
2 year warranty.


Dimensions: 1750 x 1800 x 1500 mm
Weight: 300 kg
Hopper capacity: 1 cubic meter
Load capacity: 1.5 tons
Min hydraulic flow: 16 l/min
Min hydraulic pressure: 120 Bar
Min tractor power: 20L/power
Volume: 5 m3


The hopper has aluminum sides, which provides the necessary rigidity, but the machine weighs about 300 kg. This allows you to transport the sandmaker without significant loss of load capacity of vehicles. The backfill material is driven by a 2-layer PVC conveyor belt (Italy) and falls on a rotating cylindrical brush, which gently and evenly introduces the material into the coating. Rotation of the shafts of the conveyor belt and brush provide reliable hydraulic motors (Bulgaria). The feed rate of the material is regulated by the "hydro-regulator" (Italy). The chassis of the spreader has a load capacity of 1.5 tons and consists of a system of shafts and hubs (Poland) and four lawn wheels (Italy), which provides a uniform load distribution on the base of the coating (no track on a badly rammed base). Pescuitul painted with powder paint. The warranty period is 2 years. You can also purchase a sandmaker in installments.

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