Sand Spreader Ekip E-100



Universal spreader of small capacity for narrow hard-to-reach places and places requiring spot filling. Ideal for filling rubber crumb in the penalty area and corner areas on the football field with artificial turf. TOSS E – 100 is well established in the work when filling artificial turf along the edge, when the proximity to the fence does not allow the use of a full trailer hopper. THOSE – 100 is necessary for spreading sand on the tracks in the winter season, as well as sending seeds when planting lawn, etc.

1. Filling of quartz sand and rubber crumb
2. Scattering of quartz sand, compost, fertilizers, reagents
3. Extends the life of the coating
4. Leads the playing characteristics of the field to the standard


Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 x 900mm.
Spreading band: 800 mm.
Steel: 1.5 mm.
Flap opening width: 0 – 20 mm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Maximum load: 80 kg.
Hopper capacity: 100 liters.
Drive: manual/trailer.
Min. drive power: from 8 HP
Warranty: 3 years.
Packing: pallet, plastic film.


The main feature of this model is its ability to transform from a hand-held unit into a trailed to a garden tractor or other type of equipment. Also, the hopper has a 180 ° turn due to a pair of rotary independent wheels, this facilitates the work of the operator and provides maximum maneuverability. Adjustment of the opening flap allows you to control the volume of pour of the contents, and disable the shaft with the blades, saves the content, during Parking or movement to the place of wastage. TOS E – 100 is made of steel casing, 1.5 mm, 4 pneumatic turf wheels, damper adjustment of the hopper by means of a screw, lever disconnection of the drive shaft with blades. The entire structure is powder coated, providing Shine and corrosion protection for the entire life of the equipment.

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