Sports and landscape grass, the differences

Sports and landscape grass, the differences

Artificial grass has been used since the 1970s. Initially, it was used to create football pitches in the United States and Canada, and later, artificial turf was also used for other sports surfaces. This product has significantly reduced the cost of maintaining sports fields.

Nowadays, the geography of artificial grass production has greatly expanded. The range of such coverage as artificial grass also does not stop expanding and over time new models appear. There were models that were specifically made for landscape solutions and decoration. Such artificial turf models could be installed on the floor of an apartment.

When artificial grass is used for the sports facility’s construction, including football fields, the installation technology assumes backfilling with quartz sand and crumb rubber. Basically, this is necessary, so the blades of grass do not lie, because the fiber itself is soft. Backfilling is also needed to reduce the load on the ankle and achieve the desired rebound of the ball. This type of grass is not suitable for landscape design. Therefore, manufacturers have released a line of landscape grass, in which there is a special “yarn” or inner curly pile, from spiral threads twisted, which allow the main blades of grass to remain in a standing state and look visually close to the natural live green grass. The inner curly pile has different colors, but almost all models are close to natural grass and it is not always easy to distinguish between natural and artificial grass. Artificial grass almost does not require care, and looks presentable at any time of the year, regardless of the weather. Recently, it has often begun to be installed in city centers, where natural lawn, because of the constant gas content and the use of reagents, looks very bad. This allows creating the appearance of well-groomed beautiful lawns.

Artificial landscape lawn is also often placed in country houses and in summer cottages, those who prefer to reduce the complexity of natural lawn care and want their lawn look neat and well-groomed all year.

Recently, artificial grass has been started using in the apartment design. In so-called eco-design, artificial grass is often placed on the floor, ceiling or walls. Artificial grass allows you to realize interesting design decisions that previously were not possible to do in the apartment. And bring a piece of nature into the house.
Artificial grass is a durable coating that will last for years. It is easy to clean with water from a hose or Karcher. In this coating, drainage holes are provided so that water does not accumulate in the form of puddles, but freely flow into the soil or drainage base.

If you are interested in finding out where to buy artificial grass, now you can easily buy a coating of artificial grass form one of the largest Turkish artificial grass manufacturers. It is a reasonable investment of money, which allows you to save on constant care, and gives you the opportunity to make a very beautiful and neat lawn. On our website, you can find a wide range of sports and landscape artificial surfaces.

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