What infill for artificial grass is better?

What infill for artificial grass  is better?

First years after artificial grass invention, infill had not been used for installation. But those days passed. Nowadays, artificial pitches are filled with different types of infill in every professional sports arena. Installation with infill has a much longer lifetime. It`s more convenient, yarns instantly come to an upright position after any load on it, infill gives the ball a proper bounce and in general, it gives the installation a natural look. Quartz sand and rubber crumb are usually used as an infill for synthetic sports pitches.



Quartz Send

Sand is used precisely quartz, as it is devoid of impurities, respectively, it will let water go through freely. Its popularity in filling sports fields, such as football fields, tennis courts, golf fields, rugby, and hockey, is due to its availability, low price, and safety. With its low price, quartz sand has become the most popular, if not the only, sand poured into artificial grass installations.


Rubber Crumb

rubber crumb

Crumb rubber is produced in the process of crushing tires. In the process of crushing tires, various impurities and synthetic fabric are separated. Rubber crumb is respectively only black. Although it can be dyed dark brown or dark green by using pigments. Due to its low cost and availability, crumb rubber is becoming very popular for football and other sports fields. It perfectly let water trough, regulates the rebound of the ball and makes the coating safe for the athletes. The most important thing is the correct size of granules 1mm -1.5 mm. This is the optimal size of the crumb, for better water permeability. It is also important to evenly distribute the crumb across the field.


EPDM granules

EPMD granules

EPDM-granules - it is a crumb, created from rubber. It has a wide selection of colors. EODF granules fill in artificial grass for decorative reasons. Artificial grass can be filled with a different color of the EPDM crumb from light green to dark brown. In this case, the synthetic field looks like a real one.

EPDM - granules are created not only as an infill for artificial grass but also as a material for coatings from crumb rubber, for instance:  playgrounds, treadmills, etc. Therefore, when deciding to fill EPDM granules into artificial grass, you need to choose those that were specially created as a filler. Such granules are vulcanized with sulfur and peroxide. It will make the cover comfortable and softer for any sports game.

To choose the right filler, you need to take into account the type of lawn used, the purpose of the sports facility and the priorities of your installation.

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