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The Best Jogging Surface

Here we are with a sport between walking and running: Jogging. You can do jogging, which is one of the most common types of exercise in the world, whenever you want, wherever you want. With jogging, you can both add movement to your life with a half-hour exercise in the open air and relieve the stress of the day at the same time.

Jogging can be described as a physical activity that is done at a speed between walking and running. “How fast should that be?” If you say that, there is no definite speed or tempo. The important thing is that it should be at a pace higher than its walking speed and lower than its running speed. There is no clearly defined speed that we mentioned, but we can say that it is less than 10 km per hour.

For jogging, which is one of the outdoor sports, a smooth surface is needed. In this way, our feet will get less tired. As on athletics tracks, tartan floors are the most suitable floor for jogging.

Jogging Systems

The most suitable ground type for jogging is tartan ground, which is also suitable for athletics tracks. These floors comply with IAAF standards. It attracts attention with its high mechanical durability. Since it has high impact resistance, it is not easily worn. It is produced from environmentally friendly recyclable materials. With its water-repellent feature, it provides the opportunity to do sports comfortably in bad weather conditions.

The flexible and soft jogging floor is ideal for light-paced runs. Its low-maintenance structure has a recyclable system. With its UV-resistant colors, you can have a perfect ground for jogging for many years.

Jogging floors made by Ekip Grass are tartan floors and are ideal for jogging. It is the product of superior engineering. Provides a central force reduction effect. Two-component self-leveling polyurethane foam layer; It features a flexible, high-performance, self-leveling two-component polyurethane layer embedded with colored EPDM granules. If you are looking for a suitable ground for jogging, all you have to do is contact Ekip Grass.