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Athletic Court Flooring

Athletics is one of the world's oldest sports played on a track or field. In these games, the athletes generally demonstrate their walking, running, jumping, and throwing abilities. Events of this kind have been popular all over the world throughout the ages. Athletics is the name given to a large collection of sporting events consisting of a variety of physical activities such as jumping, walking, throwing, and running.

It is one of the most common sports played all over the world because expensive sports equipment is not needed. Athletics usually takes into account individual player performances, or a team performance, which is calculated by adding individual performances. It has been a big part of the Olympics from its inception in 1896 until now.

While some of the athletics competition is played on the grass field, some of it is played on the sandwich system athletics track and tartan floor track and field track.

  • The Athletics track ground is non-hazardous with reduced slipperiness.
  • The ground, also known as athletics sports fields, is a private tartan track.
  • Tartan floors are made using EPDM and SBR granules.
  • The professional track and field track must obtain IAAF Class-1 certification and IAAF Class-2 certification.
  • It should comply with DIN 18035 standards.
  • Athletic equipment used on the athletics track must be IAAF-approved.

Athletics Track Construction

For athletics track construction, you must use the correct athletic track surface. As Ekip Grass, the types of athletics tracks that we offer to you are the tracks that will maximize the quality of the game. The cost of building an athletics track depends on the system you choose. For the athletics track, the tartan ground is generally preferred.

Tartan floors are flexible rubber sports floorings with EPDM and SBR layers.

Sandwich System Athletics Track Construction: It is the traditional system for international competitions. The power reduction meets all international standards. The wear surface consists of an impermeable coating with selected EPDM granules released in the newly applied PU compound resulting in a homogeneous and continuous granule top.

Get a quote now for the square meter prices of tartan runway construction. All you have to do is contact us for IAAF-approved quality track and field construction.

  • What are the Athletic Track Dimensions?

    The length of the field of the athletics track is 400 meters. The inner lane dimensions of the runway are 398 meters and 11 cm. The track consists of 7 layers. If the runner uses the outermost layer to run, she will have covered 453 meters. The width of the lane is 122 cm.

  • What material is the athletics track made of?

    EPDM granules are applied on the polyurethane floor while the athletics track is being built. Floors are made in accordance with DIN and the norms of International Federations. The thickness of the floor is 17mm in total.

  • How to Made Athletics Track Construction in IAAF Standards?

    IAAF standards are taken into account for the construction of athletics tracks. The tartan runway floors we produce in accordance with DIN 18,035 standards are certified. Our track and field tracks are certified with the IAAF Class-1 certificate or IAAF Class-2 certificate. We do the floor covering of the athletics track with our own machine park and our technical personnel.

  • What types of artificial turf are used on the athletics track?

    Multisport artificial turf is suitable for athletics tracks.

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