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Based on high performance and stability, tennis is one of the most popular sports branches worldwide. Tennis, which can be played individually or in pairs, is preferred by many professional athletes as well as by thousands of people who do sports for a healthy life.

The sport of tennis is played by two or four people on the fields called courts, using rackets. The courts, which are designed as earth, tartan, acrylic, or artificial turf, are divided into two areas with a net in the middle. Each tennis player can move only in his area of the court. The main aim of the game is to bounce the ball in the opposite area in a way that the opponent cannot meet.

A tennis racket, tennis ball, net, and a tennis court measuring 23.77 x 10.97 m are required to play tennis. The tennis court is mostly made with synthetic turf in recent years. Synthetic grass tennis courts are durable and long-lasting.

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Artificial Grass Tennis Court Construction

Playing tennis on artificial grass is both fun and safe. Since artificial turf sports fields have reduced slippery floors, the risk of injury to athletes is very low. Therefore, doing sports is enjoyable and safe. Players can make their moves more easily by feeling more comfortable on the floor. This not only increases the player's self-confidence but also improves the quality of the game.

Itoughicult to bounce the tennis ball, as there are indentations and protrusions in natural grass. For this reason, tennis courts are now manufactured using tartan or EPDM floors, especially artificial grass. It is especially suitable for the tennis court as the artificial grass floors are flat and smooth.

At Ekip Grass, you can have excellent quality tennis courts with the tennis artificial turf we produce. Tennis artificial turf has UV resistance and is produced from recycled materials. Therefore, it does not harm the environment. The tennis court will both aesthetic and stylish with the artificial tennis grass we produce using superior monofilament ropes. You can use this artificial grass on tennis courts that you use for both commercial and hobby purposes.

To get detailed information about Ekip Grass tennis artificial grass prices and the cost of tennis court construction, all you have to do is contact us.

  • What type of floor is for tennis court?

    Professional tennis is played on grass, clay, or a hard court. However, the most suitable ground for tennis is artificial grass. Tennis artificial turf increases the quality of the game and prevents the injuries of the athletes.

  • What is the best surface for tennis court?

    The most suitable ground for tennis is artificial grass. With the right tennis turf, you can maximize your game performance. You can maximize the bounce rate of the ball with tennis artificial turf and increase the game quality.

  • What are the prices of artificial tennis court flooring?

    The cost varies depending on the type of tennis grass you prefer in the tennis court. You can get detailed information about tennis artificial turf prices by contacting us.

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