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Indoor Sports Flooring

Indoor sports cover many different branches such as gymnastics, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, and swimming. Indoor sports, which are preferred to keep the mind and body fit and to have a pleasant time, are among the very useful activities. Those who have not started an indoor sport yet can take the first step towards a healthy life by choosing the branch that suits their abilities.

There are indoor sports varieties such as volleyball, handball, gymnastics, table tennis, wrestling, and boxing. Apart from all these, there are also indoor sports with different rules and achievements such as judo, weightlifting, basketball, and fencing. These games, which will give better performance with the appropriate clothes or tracksuits, keep the body in motion and make it more dynamic, fit, and stronger.

In general, since all sports keep the body in motion, it strengthens the upper and lower muscles and provides a fit look. At the same time, all these sports are extremely useful in strengthening mental power.

The most important point to be considered here is the quality of the indoor sports court floors. Whatever the sport, the ground must be of good quality to keep the athletes safe. For this reason, suitable floor types are produced for indoor sports.

Indoor Sports Flooring Systems

indoor sportThe quality of the sports floors has a direct effect on the performance of the athlete. In terms of athlete's health, the interaction of the floor and shoes is the most important determinant of the loads on the feet and legs. This interaction can cause injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and cartilages. The stretching and friction characteristics of the floor where sports activities are performed are also very important in terms of injuries. A floor with good flexibility reduces the loads on bones, joints, and beams, while a floor with low friction characteristics reduces the loads on joints and ligaments.

Soft floors have protective properties against acute crushing due to falls as well as chronic overuse problems. The high frictional resistance on the sports ground increases the risk of injury to tissues (especially joints and ligaments). The friction coefficient of the ground is also important for some activities in terms of rapid motion reaction.

The most used floor type for indoor sports is PVC flooring. PVC Sports flooring is a special type of flooring that can be used in areas such as indoor sports halls, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, handball fields, and futsal fields, which can be applied in different thicknesses and can be applied as a multi or single layer. Available in plain color and wood patterned models.

In addition to this, acrylic, tartan, polyurethane and artificial turf are also suitable ground types for indoor sports. As Ekip Grass, the scale of floor types we offer you is quite wide. We produce the appropriate floor type for every sport. By contacting us, you can get information about the indoor sports flooring system.

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