Artificial Grass Manufacturer


Ekip Sport, we produce our production in the Dilovası facility; We operate by providing maximum capacity production using the latest system technology and machine lines, a wide range of domestic and international products, and fast product supply to the sector, and shipment to many countries.

Our company;

FIFA, TSE, TSEK, CE, STANDARD COMPLIANCE, SEDEX SMTA 6.1 4 PILLAR, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001,  such as many quality and conformity certificates, continue to produce by continuously improving in this direction.

In this context, we prioritize cooperation with our suppliers who provide their documents in full and minuscule in all the raw materials we use and we move forward in this way.

Yarns are supplied from home and abroad; FIFA-accredited laboratories provide UVA and UVB reports for 5,000 hours. All quality certificates are fully available in the test documents. Other raw materials used in the same way have all the necessary technical details, analysis reports, quality certificates, and conformity documents.

Based on the principle of quality products;

FIFA LICENSED CARPET AND FIELD, carpet in accordance with FIFA standards, a long-term usage guarantee is provided by our company for every product.

Production Line

We have 6 state-of-the-art weaving machines and a ram (coating) system that provides finished packaged product output of 10 mt (40 m²) per minute running at maximum capacity. Our production line; Raw Material Stock Department consists of the Weaving DepartmentRam Department, Quality Control Department, Experimental Department, Packaging Department, and Shipping Department.

Raw Material Inventory Department

Raw materials that pass through the entrance controls without problems are stacked and taken to the stock section for use in the stock section without damage in accordance with their use of their structure.
There is a lot of space allocated to the stock section in our facility; it is the basic building block of rapid production and continuity.

Weaving Department

Semi-finished grass carpet is produced by attaching Artificial grass carpet rope to the health system in accordance with the project and weaving it into the base cloth on the Tufting loom. The quality control stages start before being installed in the health system from the stock area of synthetic turf yarns and are continued by the quality control officer throughout the entire weaving.

Ram Section

The woven semi-finished grass is plastered on the carpet base with a special prescription mixture called latex, which is prepared in the miks erde. Carpet in this state is heated and dried in ram. It is ensured that the woven rope is fixed to the base cloth. The quality control stages continue at continuous intervals until the complete and exact desired values are met.

Holes are drilled in order to carry out rainwater drainage on the synthetic turf carpet floor at the ram outlet.

Quality Control

Quality Control Department; Quality control, raw material supply, input control, weaving control, ram control, ram output control, packaging control, shipment control, and all necessary tools throughout the entire operation are carried out without attachments and continuously by experienced personnel who are experts in the field by providing and reporting checks at every stage. As a company, we are moving forward with each passing day without compromising our quality product principle.


Experimental Department; Samples and parts are taken from each product in accordance with the experimental principles described as “witness samples” for each project. In our laboratory, it is tested and reported by the authorized unit whether it complies with the desired quality and standards. The witness samples taken are taken to the company’s archive and stored.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Department; Completion Synthetic turf carpet is cut according to the dimensions in the order and taken to the product stock area for packaging and shipment.

Shipping Department; Each project is packaged in its own way with special colored packaging nylons and labels suitable for the project and taken to the shelf system allocated to the project by the project in the Shipping inventory area. By issuing a shipment approval form to each project, the shipment is carried out by minimizing any errors that may occur, and the necessary precision is carefully and properly loaded.