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Multi Purpose Flooring

Multi-purpose sports fields are of 4 types, namely tartan, polyurethane, acrylic, and artificial grass. While polyurethane and acrylic floors are generally used for indoor multi-purpose sports fields, acrylic, tartan, artificial grass, or polyurethane floors are used for outdoor multi-purpose sports fields.

As Ekip Grass, to create a suitable sports ground for both indoor and outdoor fields. For this, we are at your service with many different floor types. Our sports flooring systems are very easy to install and have a long life. This makes it suitable for mass events and intensive use.

We provide the construction of multi-purpose sports fields with many types of ground such as tartan, acrylic, rubber, and especially artificial turf.

Multi-Purpose Sport Field Flooring

Ekip Grass artificial turf has models suitable for use on multi-purpose fields. Our company makes it easy for high-tech synthetic grass floors to adapt to multi-purpose sports fields. Our company, which is a close follower of the technological process, produces the best quality artificial grass for multi-purpose sports fields.

We have a lot of artificial varieties for multi-purpose fields, especially Multi-Sport. We are building not only artificial turf but also tartan floors, athletics tracks, and walking paths. We produce tennis artificial turf for tennis courts and football artificial turf for soccer fields.

We provide the right pile size and turf quality by the qualifications and requirements of each sport. Our company, which is advancing its R & D studies day by day, is constantly improving itself to establish the most durable sports fields in the world.

We have a variety of flooring suitable for football, tennis, hockey, cricket, baseball, athletics, and jogging sports. We use high-quality Ekip Grass artificial turf for turf pitches, while we provide tartan flooring for other sports.

You can contact us immediately and get information about multipurpose sport field flooring.