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Ekip Grass produced a turf system that would meet standards. This system, which we call artificial turf, is a long-lasting and constantly renewing system suitable for use in all seasons.

Football Field Grass

As a comprehensive solution provider for all sport-surface needs, EKIP GRASS is specialized in developing and manufacturing professional artificial turf systems for various sports applications including football, hockey, tennis, rugby and multi-sport which can meet the standards of FIFAFIHITF, and World Rugby to mention a few.
Our company, which has transferred its experience in the sports market to production since 1988, has kept its constant rise and became an export firm. With the principle of TSE – ISO 9001 Quality Management System, our company always serves with the best quality. It is our priority to provide all kinds of requests and questions of our valued customers by working with companies that do not compromise on quality and to make them happy all the time.

FIFA Certified Pitches
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Football Turf

Football is the most followed sport from the past to the present. For this reason, the ground and the quality of the ground on which football is played are very important. Football was played on natural grass in the past. Although it was fun to play football on natural grass, it reduced the quality of football. For this reason, the better the quality of the ground on which the football is played, the higher the quality of the football.

Artificial turf, which we call football turf, is a modern type of ground used in football fields instead of natural turf. Artificial turf is a long-lasting and artificial ground type compared to natural turf. Since the slippery ground is reduced, the probability of injury on artificial turf is very low. Artificial turf that we produce with advanced polymer technology offers athletes a superior gaming experience. This is why artificial turf is vital for football.

Ekip Grass is Turkey's best artificial grass manufacturer. It produces the best quality and longest-lasting artificial grass for football fields. The artificial turf produced by our company is the grass that has reduced slipperiness, is resistant to UV rays, and does not fade over time. That's why it's very long-lasting. Compared to natural grass, it is a type of floor that increases the quality of play and is suitable for use in all seasons.

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