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The bleachers are divided into three within themselves. The construction of these three bleachers is quite different from each other. Even if the basic purposes are the same, they differ from each other in their construction.

These types of bleachers are mobile bleachers, portable bleachers, and telescopic bleachers. Each grandstand is made of high-quality and robust materials.

Tribune Construction Prices

It would be a mistake to say something certain for grandstand construction prices, which vary depending on the area to be made and the quality of the materials. You can get price information by contacting us.

Mobile Tribune: 33 cm x 43 cm x 42 cm Request Price Information
Portable Grandstand: 33 cm x 43 cm x 42 cm Request Price Information
Telescopic Grandstand: 38×75 cm Request Price Information
Contact us for steel grandstands and portable grandstand construction for the football stadium.

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  • What should be considered when making bleachers?

    All materials and accessories to be used in installation must be high quality and long-lasting. Bleachers purchased from the guaranteed place should be repaired and replaced by the team in case of a possible malfunction and problem. If you bought it from a place without a warranty and it was installed, you may have a headache. Make sure that the TSE certificate and products have a TSE stamp.

  • What are telescopic bleachers construction?

    Telescopic bleachers can be opened and closed by the remote control system or manually. Here, the working principle is prepared according to your needs and requests. Thanks to the wheel system suitable for telescopic bleachers, it is possible to use in all areas. This type of grandstand is designed not to narrow the space to be installed.

  • What are mobile tribune and its construction?

    A mobile grandstand is a type of grandstand that can be taken from one place to another. In this way, it provides easy operation. It is most commonly used in shows, events, concerts, or competitions.

  • What are portable grandstand and its construction?

    Portable bleacher is the bleachers that are dismantled and installed. These bleachers created with the nesting model can be installed and dismantled at any time. It is widely used all over the world. Thanks to easy assembly, it is installed quickly and responds to the need within hours.

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