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The synthetic turf soccer pitch is the most used football field today. One of the most important features of football fields is the quality of the ground. If you want a quality football field floor you need to choose fake turf.

Artificial grass fields occur after passing through many different stages. Excavations, floor trimming, lighting is a long process and if you work with a quality soccer field manufacturer company and they will show you a great carpet field.

Today we will examine the construction process of the artificial turf carpet pitch with you. The manufacture of artificial turf is a highly demanding and demanding business. Therefore, each stage must be performed correctly.


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Synthetic grass has similar features to natural grass and is proper for the areas that have problems with growing grass. It requires very little or almost no maintenance. It is possible to use it intact and original for many long years. The lifetime period is more than 10 years. So how to make synthetic grass applications in football fields? We have given information about this topic before in our blog. So today, we will give some different information. Now let’s see how to make an application.

The first step of construction is to excavate a proper foundation according to the dimensions. After excavation, the infrastructure is prepared. The infrastructure contains water, electricity, heating (if desired), and drainage systems. Proper pipe systems and connection parts are placed in the foundation. One important detail is about using geotextile. Geo-textile is a good insulation material and very beneficial against future floods and infrastructure well-being. After preparing the foundation, the filling period begins.

In this period, we place proper stone chips and compact them according to the plan. To have a proper foundation and surface, you should make the compaction very well. Otherwise, there will be flaws on the surface in the future. There should be a plain and smooth surface for synthetic grass. So you can provide this with a proper filling material and good compaction.

After preparing the surface, you should placemat the material on the surface. After this, the field is ready for laying artificial turf. We generally use double-component polyurethane as adhesive. And after laying artificial grass, you can prepare the field according to the sports type. We draw the lines, and finally, pour silica sand on the field. This requires a special pouring machine. And then you have to brush it with a brushing machine. This way the field will be ready for use.

Artificial grass is preferred in so many places today. However, the real problem is where they should be used. Because there are different structural requirements for the application. For example, if you use it for landscaping or personal use such as a garden or swimming pool, you don’t need strong infrastructure. You can simply prepare the surface, cut the grass properly, and put it in its place.

But things are different when you use it for sports fields. Because sports fields have more traffic than landscaped grounds. The properties of the field and the material are also different. For each type of sport, there are complicated calculations and planning. All sports have different rules and playing styles. For example, in football, players do not use their hands and have to walk long distances. The problems that bother us are:

  • The field should be suitable for performance.
  • There are also certain Standards regarding the properties of ball jumping.
  • The elasticity and slip resistance is important for the health of the athletes.
  • The structure should be strong enough to withstand the Slide tackle of the players.

And there are so many more problems just for the football game. Football was an example. There are different requirements and necessities for all sports.

On the other hand, infrastructure is another important issue. The crucial point to get a suitable field or surface is the infrastructure. To have the required features and keep them waiting for many years, you need to create a perfect foundation. And this foundation includes suitable Material with a required layer structure, electrical wiring, water installation, drainage, heating installation (if necessary), and other important systems.

Soccer Pitch Construction stages can be evaluated in two stages; the first stage is the official process and the second stage is the construction stage. In the first stage, we determine the area we will make the carpet field, investigate the zoning plan from the relevant municipality, and get the necessary permissions for the carpet field construction.

To get permission from the municipality in a short time, our company offers the necessary projects and technical drawings related to carpet field construction to our customers free of charge.

In the second stage, after the application works of our engineers in the field where the artificial football pitch will be made. The appropriate infrastructure formwork is started to be made and at the same time, we have started the steel production of the carpet field project that we have determined in our factory.

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After the artificial football pitch carpet field infrastructure is finished, we provide the shipment of the steel construction to the construction site. Our expert team performs the assembly of our finished steel. It takes about ten days for the steel installation on the construction site. Immediately behind the previously prepared wire, mesh, electrical installation is performed. According to the weather conditions, respectively (tarpaulin, etc.) is done. The best artificial grass pitch is assembled and the field is delivered in approximately 30 working days.

When we talk about football pitches for hobbies or sports, we can think of two types of carpet pitches: indoor soccer field pitches and outdoor carpet soccer fields. The ceiling and its surroundings are covered with materials such as iron or canvas according to the material used, while the ceiling section of the open carpet area is known as open. All synthetic sports pitches should be designed in such a way as to prevent the ball from going off the pitch by the rules of the game. Therefore, there are also tarpaulins or iron wire fences that cover the open carpet fields. Optionally, portable options such as tribunes can also be preferred.

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